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About Chef

Hear Chef Billy's Story

Billy Trudsoe is an executive chef, located in North Creek, NY located in Adirondacks Park. Originally from Chestertown, New York, Billy brings “mad flava” everywhere that he goes.

Billy is excited to be back in the 518 to showcase his culinary talents. As the Executive Chef at Basil & Wicks, know that the new menu is powered by Btrue's mad flava based on the signature dishes he has created over his career. Welcome to gastro pub style mixed with European influence.


Chef Billy has been cooking since he was 13 years old. Starting off with burgers, hot dogs, and ice cream - he has worked for decades and has mastered the art of cooking gourmet cuisine for the finest of establishments.


Regardless of circumstances, Billy has always possessed the mentality to overcome obstacles and achieve success in and out of the kitchen. He has a passion for mentoring and guiding young chefs with similar ambitions to his.


Billy is now in the process of growing his brand and eventually creating his own worldwide restaurant franchise.


If you’d like to get in touch with Billy and his team, click here.

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